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Aardal Maskinering was founded in 1997 by Jørn Arve Årdal, as the only employee. And with continuously growth ever since leading to the first expansion in 2003 a second expansion in 2009, and a third in 2020. From one single lathe to a production floor able to deal with the demanding parts whether it’s turning, milling or additive manufacturing. Without own products our specialty is making sure our customers getting their parts made, leading to a modern and innovative machine shop.

Ardal Maskinering about MazaCAM

“With several Mazaks and an order by order-based production it’s inevitable that the Mazatrol library becomes massive. Keeping track of programs in the tens of thousands certainly became a challenge over the years, and changes had to be made. This is when we discovered Mazacam. Its ability to store and transfer programs between the library and the machines, and translate between the different controllers (Smart, Matrix, Matrix2, Smooth….) with just a few buttons cuts down unwanted downtime drastically. Being able to program your Mazak on the computer (with added features outside of Mazatrol) is also a timesaver, and can help speed up the learning process without the need of occupying a machine.”

MazaCAM products

3 X MazaCAM Editor


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