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About Ardal Maskinering

Årdal Maskinering was founded in 1997 by Jørn Arve Årdal as the only employee. We saw great growth and in 2003 we moved to a new building with over 1000 m2.

We´re specialized in custom-made products and do not have our own products. 95 percent of production is oil-related. We are a modern and innovative company with high quality products and good delivery capabilities.

Ardal Maskinering about MazaCAM

“We started with just one MazaCAM Editor license to see if the software met our expectations and fit into our production. After a short test, we ordered 2 more licenses. A good program with even better support”

MazaCAM products

3 X MazaCAM Editor


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Årdal Maskinering AS
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