3D milling for Mazak

3D milling for Mazak machines

MazaCAM 3D machining

Use waterline process in Mazatrol

In addition to the conventional 2D machining for Mazatrol units MazaCAM also offers the option “3D milling for Mazak” to machine complex 3-dimensional surfaces and bodies. Mazatrol does not support this kind of operation because a change in depth (Z level) takes place during machining. MazaCAM combines the advantages of Mazatrol programming with the possibility to do real 3D machining. Also with indexing for 4 and 5-axis machines.

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MazaCAM CAD CAM 3D  allows you to 3-dimensional surfaces and waterline processes and still get the advantage of Mazatrol as far as possible.

MazaCAM automatically detects when a machining process is not suitable for output in a Mazatrol unit. If the detected operation is not supported by Mazatrol, MazaCAM automatically generates a sub program call for an EIA program; the sub program call is made via a Mazatrol manual process unit. This gives you the option to machine 3D shape without losing the benefit of Mazatrol programming and tool data. Of course, it is also possible to output the 3D machining as a complete Mazatrol manual process unit.

MazaCAM also makes it possible to create waterline machininng with real Mazatrol units by smashing the shape to Z and output multiple units.

Instead of a DIN/ISO-EIA or a manual process unit, you will receive a program with correct Mazatrol units. You get e.g. multiple line-left, or line-outside units. The number of units corresponds to the specified Z peek depth. When outputting from MazaCAM CAD CAM, a Mazatrol main program is automatically created, which contains the corresponding sub program calls, since the max. Number of lines in a Mazatrol program is exceeded.


Advantages 3D milling for Mazak

  • Do complex 3D machining and still keep the Mazatrol advantage
  • No more confusing programs thanks to the combination of Mazatrol and EIA-DIN/ISO
  • Machine 3D contours and still get clear Mazatrol units from the CAM system.
  • Reduce machining times through modern machining processes and intelligent programming

Features 3D milling for Mazak

  • Various machining strategies for 3D bodies possible
  • Modern HSM and trochoidal machining
  • Combined machining strategies
  • machines curves
  • 3D machining with indexed axes
  • Waterline machining in Mazatrol units or as an EIA sub program
  • suitable for all Mazak machines
  • 2D machining is posted to real and correct Mazatrol and 3D machining as a manual process unit or EIA program.
  • Create programs from STEP and IGES solid files
Waterline machining in MazaCAM CAD CAM 3D for Mazak

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