Mazak Hardware

DNC accessories for Mazak data transfer

Mazak Hardware

Hardware installation

In addition to our software products for Mazak machines, we offer you the appropriate hardware for connecting your Mazak machines to the company network, or for serial connection to individual PCs or laptops.

MazaCAM Hardware
Hardware and software for all types of Mazak data transmission

Advantages Mazak Hardware

  • Software and hardware from a single source
  • You will only receive tested hardware that works 100% with our software products and your Mazak machines
  • Hardware components are delivered pre-configured.
  • affordable overall packages


  • Serial data cable for the connection of Mazak machines with older controls and serial interface (T2; M32, etc.) to PCs with serial interfaces.
  • USB adapter cable for connecting Mazak machines with older controls and serial interface (Fusion640M; T-Plus, etc.) to modern PCs.
  • Adapter serial to network for connecting older Mazak machines with serial interface to the company network.
  • Network cards for connecting Mazak machines with Fusion640 control to the company network