MazaCAM program transfer

Transfer and manage Mazak / Mazatrol programs and files

The “MazaCAM program transfer” DNC system is compatible with all types of Mazak data transmission, and is also suitable for other CNC machines and formats.

All DNC and management packages support all Mazak data formats and transfer methods.

MazaCAM program transfer


  • Keep a complete overview of your Mazak programs.
  • MazaCAM DNC reads your Mazatrol programs from the control of your Mazak machine and reads them back in again.
  • The data management lists all relevant data in a clear interface window.
  • Different expansion levels available
  • Transfer seriell format program via RS232 port
  • Transfer network format programs via LAN

Transmission formats

  • Network transmission (e.g. for Mazak Fusion640 machines)
  • Serial transmission (e.g. for Mazak M-Plus machines)
  • USB (e.g. Mazak Smart machines)
  • Floppy disk
  • Micro disk
  • Flash card
Mazak program transfer

MazaCAM Mazak program transfer is the best, simplest DNC system for Mazatrol controlled Mazak machines

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