Mazak contract programming

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  • Programming for all Mazak machines and Mazatrol controls
  • 3D machining for Mazak machines
  • Waterline machining in Mazatrol or DIN-ISO / EIA
  • Indexies machining (e.g. for Variaxis or VTC 800-SR)
  • Mazatrol programming from CAD data (DXF, STEP, IGES).
  • Mazatrol program conversion to other control generations
  • Engraving processing (also on the cylinder of turned parts)

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    Mazak QT LatheMazak VTC/VC milling machineMazak HC milling machineMazak Variaxis milling machineMazak Integrex multitasking machine

    T2/M2T32/M32T+/M+Fusion640Fusion640-MTFusion640-MT ProMatrixMatrix 2SmartSmooth-CSmooth-GSmooth-X

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    Your advantages

    • Accept orders and jobs with CAD data; even without your own CAM system.
    • Bridging personnel bottlenecks through external programming
    • Reduced machine downtimes thanks to reduced programming times.
    • Avoidance of contours, calculation and input errors on the Mazak machine by Mazatrol programs that were created from CAD data. No waiting times at the machine with missing drawing data
    • Get new machines to work quickly by externally converting your Mazatrol programs from your old Mazak machines
    • Complex 3D machining and contours can be easily, externally, and made to fit your Mazak

    Mazak program creation

    • Mazak QT lathes with T2; T32, T-Plus; Fusion640T; Matrix T; Smart-T; Smooth-C/G controls
    • Mazak milling machines of all series (VTC; HCN; FJV; etc.) With M2; M32; M-Plus; Fusion640M; Matrix-M; Smart-M; Smooth C/G controls
    • Mazak multitasking machines of the Integrex series with MT-Plus; Fusion640MT; Fusion640MT-Pro; Fusion640M-Pro; Matrix MT; Matrix 2-i; Matrix 2-e; Matrix 2-j controls
    • Mazak 5-axis milling machines of the Variaxis and VTC800 series with Fusion640M and Matrix-M; Smooth-X control

    Take advantage of external program creation for your production

    Send us your inquiry or order, together with our completed order form, as well as a STEP, IGES, or DXF file of the component by email.