MazaCAM allows you to create and edit Mazatrol programs on your PC while your Mazak machines are producing. MazaCAM offers you a perfect Mazatrol programming station for your office, and thus makes a decisive contribution to your work preparation.

MazaCAM makes your Mazak’s even more powerful

MazaCAM makes your Mazak controls compatible with each other. Move jobs flexibly between the different Mazak machines and Mazatrol control generations. This function helps you to reduce downtimes and save money.

Transfer your Mazatrol programs and data with MazaCAM DNC and manage everything in a clear interface.

With MazaCAM you can use CAD data for programming your Mazak machines without losing the advantage of simple and convenient Mazatrol programming. Reduce input errors by simply importing coordinates from CAD data into your Mazatrol program

Use MazaCAM as a Mazak simulator and conduct training in Mazatrol on the PC without tying up valuable machine time.

MazaACM CAD CAM Applictaions for Mazatrol output

Our applications support all Mazak machines

  • Mazak QT, SQT, QT-Nexus, and QT-Compact lathe with C and Y-axis
  • VTC, VCN, and HCN milling centers including indexing of the 4th axis
  • All Mazak multitasking machines such as Integrex (Mark and e, i, j series), Variaxis, and VTC800SR with indexing of the 4th and 5th axis.

We support all Mazatrol controls

  • Mazak turning: T1; T2; T32; T-Plus; Fusion640T; Matrix T; Smart-T, Smooth-G, Smooth-C
  • Mazak milling: M2; M32; M-Plus; Fusion640M; Matrix-M; Smart-M, Smooth-G, Smooth-C
  • Mazak multitasking: MT-Plus; Fusion640MT; Fusion640MT-Pro; Fusion640M-Pro; Matrix-MarkIV; Matrix2-e, i, j series, Smooth X, Smooth-G

Increase your Mazak’s productivity by using MazaCAM

Program all your Mazak machines with just one programming system

Regardless of whether Mazak turning, milling or 5-axis multitasking machine> MazaCAM can programs all of them

MazaCAM does not need any kind of potprocessord to program your Mazak; no extra cost time consuming adaption

Make your Mazak machines even more powerful and reduce your programming and set-up times.

mazacam-cad-import-Applications for Mazatrol programing