DNC Basic for Mazak

Transfer Mazatrol programs via seriall or network communication

Basic data management and DNC for Mazak

Manages all Mazak and Mazatrol programs and data

The MazaCAM DNC Basic for Mazak data transfer and management enables you to back up your Mazatrol programs and files via serial communication or by network. You can receive and send programs from your Mazak machines. The integrated, Windows-based, data management enables you to organize and find your data accordingly.

More information about MazaCAM DNC-Basic can be found here

Programdata backup for Mazak is a very special topic where many software companies reach their limits. We start where others give up. MazaCAM DNC-Basic for Mazak is the smallest available version of the MazaCAM system; it is always integrated as standard in every higher MazaCAM package.

  • Keep a complete overview of your Mazak programs. Mazatrol data management lists your Mazak programs with identification of the control type, the program name, the creation date and the program number.
  • Operate from a, easy-to-understand, Windows-based interface.
  • The MazaCAM file managment has a filter function for Mazatrol control type, program content, and machine.
  • The standard integrated data transfer allows you to send Mazatrol programs and files to your machine or to receive programs from Mazak. Both serial data transfer for older Mazak machine types, such as T32 or M-Plus, and network transmission for new Mazak controls such as Matrix or Smart are supported. Each machine in your company is assigned a corresponding path for transmission in MazaCAM.
Data transfer for all Mazak machines

Advantages DNC Basic for Mazak

  • Existing Windows folder structures and storage locations can be taken over and integrated directly
  • No more long searches for Mazatrol programs
  • Direct data transfer to the Mazak machine from the PC workstation
  • No more data loss due to the Mazak machine’s low storage capacity
  • Regular data backup protects against data loss due to operator or system errors
  • No additional costs for installation and set up
  • Support program and file transfer for all kinds of Mazak machines and Mazatrol generations.

Features DNC Basic for Mazak

  • Filter function> Search for Mazatrol control type, program numbers, program comment, machine, etc.
  • Integrated DNC system
  • Print Mazatrol programs
  • Control other MazaCAM functions directly from the file manager (Editor, convert, etc.)
  • Compare Mazak programs
  • Print tool list from a Mazatrol program
  • Supports all Mazatrol formats
  • Optional auto DNC operation possible
  • Supports serial data transmission for older Mazak models (T2, M32, M-Plus, etc)
  • Supports network transmission for modern Mazak controls (Fusion640, Matrix, Smart)

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