Trochoidal milling for Mazak

TSC-machining for Mazak machines

Dynamic milling for Mazak

Use the benefit of trochoidal toolpaths in Mazatrol

In addition to our CAD / CAM module for Mazatrol output, the additional option “trochoidal milling fpor Mazak” allows you to create dynamic tool paths. Contour or pocket roughing with trochoidal machining enables you to achieve fast machining times with longer tool lives.

More information about the MazaCAM trochoidal milling feature for Mazak can be found here

Dynamic or trochoidal milling – TSC for short (Trochoidal Speed Cutting> also called vortex or tumble milling), allows you to process at higher cutting speeds with increased feedrate. With the circular tool path, with a slight lateral offset (Ae) and high cutting depth (Ap), a lower cutting load and reduced tool wear are achieved with shorter machining times. This type of machining also reduces vibrations on the machine and part.

  • The additional module for generating trochoidal toolpaths allows you to use this modern machining strategy without lososing the advantage of the Mazatrol control.
  • This module generates modern dynamic toolpaths and is available as an add-on to our normal 2D CAD CAM system.
  • Trochoidal toolpaths allow you to increase your cutting speed, feed, and cut depth.It creates a optimized tool engagement and a higher tool life.
  • This kind of operation is not supported by conventional Mazatrol programming. If you generate a Mazatrol program from our CAD  CAM system, all regular Mazatrol processes (drilling, pockets, line, etc.) are retained. The trochoidal program is called as a manual process unit inside Mazatrol or as an EIA / ISO sub program. This gives you the advantage of the Mazatrol interface and the Mazak tool data without having to resort to cumbersome and confusing DIN / ISO programs.
Mazacam Trochoidal milling for Mazak

Advantages Trochoidal milling for Mazak

  • Output directly in Mazatrol
  • All Mazak lathes and milling machines included
  • Program Mazak Integrex and Variaxis
  • Reduce programming time
  • Simple operation with little training
  • No additional costs for post processors (only for Mazak machines)
  • No more confusing DIN ISO programs
  • Low maintenance, support, etc. costs
  • Use Modern machining processes on old machines

Features Trochoidal milling for Mazak

  • Add-On for MazaCAM CAD CAM
  • Creates trochoidal tool paths from 2D or 3D solid files
  • Dynamic high-speed cutting for contours and pockets
  • Automatic integration of trochoidal operation into the Mazatrol main program as manual process unit or EIA/ISO sub program.
  • Indexed dymnaic milling for Integrex, Variaxis, and VTC800SR
  • Solid Verify with collision control
  • Automatic feed control for constant chip volume and cutting force
  • Also available for 3D machining
Mazacam Trochoidal milling for Mazatrol
trochoidal toolpath in MazaCAM CAD CAM

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