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We are very satisfied. Highly efficient product. Faster process flow on the machine (entry times are shortened enormously … because blank dimensions, cutting parameters, infeed depths and directions can be corrected quickly and easily in the program.) Perfect for us in contract manufacturing. Very competent service.

Hinterleitner Maschinenbau GmbH, Austria

We just bought this new Integrex i200SW with Smooth control based off the programming we generated with the MazaCAM software. So without MazaCAM, senior managment said they weren´t going to move forward with it. It´s a million dollar project, all said and done with all all the bells ans whistles we got. So, it was a big expenditure.

Parker Hannifin Hydraulic Systems

We are a pure Mazak job shop . The decision to invest in CAD CAM system that outputs Mazatrol was obvious.Very complex components are the order of the day. With MazaCAM we can significantly reduce programming and setup times. We can save about 50% of the time here and can also implement parts that we would otherwise have to reject

Metaxon AG

Very solid product. The Mazatrol units are particularly convincing. A must for all Mazatrol controlled machines

GiF GmbH

The decisive factor for the purchase of MazaCAM was ultimately the completely Mazatrol output and the possibility of realizing engravings on the Mazak machines. After a short time, we immediately bought the option for 3D milling. MazaCAM Germany is a competent contact for everything related to Mazak. Together with MazaCAM Germany, we recently switched some of our series processes to trochoidal machining. We were able to save a significant amount of time, and the noise level in the workshop has also improved as a result. We are completely satisfied with the software and the support.

Amtec Spannhydraulik

We are very happy with the MazaCAM software, as well as with the support. The program is very flexible considering that we have machines from the M32 controller to the SMOOTH controller. We use a programming program from STP files and also from DXF files. Converting between controls. Saving programs is very easy. Everything is in one database and very transparent.


With several Mazaks and an order by order-based production it’s inevitable that the Mazatrol library becomes massive. Keeping track of programs in the tens of thousands certainly became a challenge over the years, and changes had to be made. This is when we discovered Mazacam. Its ability to store and transfer programs between the library and the machines, and translate between the different controllers (Smart, Matrix, Matrix2, Smooth….) with just a few buttons cuts down unwanted downtime drastically. Being able to program your Mazak on the computer (with added features outside of Mazatrol) is also a timesaver, and can help speed up the learning process without the need of occupying a machine

Ardal Maskinering
MazaCAM Editor Performance

We supply well-known companies in the field of medical technology, electrical engineering and various special machine building directions. With Mazacam software, we can transfer the resulting diverse requirements quickly and safely to our processing machines. Mazacam also offers good support, which is also available in a timely manner. Mazacam software has achieved a very high level of acceptance in our production.

Seeger&Baensch GmbH, Germany

MazaCAM software saves me time by taking out all the extra leg work. The fact that I don´t have to worry about what tool i have in the mill is a huge time saver. I can go over to the Mazatrol with a variety of different tools. It literally takes a swap of a button to get a new tool into my Mazak. For me, that efficiency is very hard to beat. i would say it´s anywhere between 50% or 75% faster- that´s where it shines, that´s what I need it for, doing stuff like that.

Desman Engineering Inc.

It mades a big difference. We can program on the PC now. Saves a lot of timer. We´re not tying up the machines. Saves about 30% on programming time. We have 14 Mazak lathes. i did 5 million on the lathes last year. 30% of 5 million, that´s a lot


We were able to convert all of our programs in 2 days, saving us a considerable amount of programming time. It´s fast, easy, and it works. Essentially, we went from programming at the machines, which would have taken us about three months, down to about three days of conversion time using MazaCAM

Rafter Equipment Corp.
MazaCAM Editor Performance

Our company has had Mazatrol training twice and the employees were very satisfied

BIW Burger Industriewerk GmbH & Co KG
Mazak/Maaztrol training

With the development of the company and the growing needs, we wanted to find a company that would support our advanced technological process. Our needs were met thanks to the cooperation with MazaCAM Deutschland. We use MazaCAM a a CAD CAM programming system for production on our Mazak machines. We have the MazaCAM CAD/CAM 2D package modules.We recommend MazaCAM Deutschland with full confidence a a reliable and professionel cooperation partner.

Zakłady Mechaniczne Kazimieruk Sp. z o.o. Sp. K