What is MazaCAM

MazaCAM is a software that enables you to program and manage all your Mazak machines and Mazatrol controls, offline, on the PC. MazaCAM allows you to create Mazatrol programs on the computer in 3 ways:

1. With the MazaCAM Editor – The MazaCAM Editor is like the programming interface you know from your Mazak machines. In the editor you can view, edit or create Mazak programs from scratch.

2.With the MazaCAM Mazatrol CAD import. The CAD import allows you to import coordinates, contours and points from a CAD file directly into the Mazatrol program. This further simplifies the programming of the already comfortable Mazatrol control system.

3. With MazaCAM CAD CAM – MazaCAM allows you to create real Mazatrol programs from a mainstream CAD CAM system. The programs are posted in real Mazatrol code, without postprocessors. MazaCAM CAD CAM can be used for all kinds of Mazak maschines and all Mazatrol controler generations. They are all included to the software by standard.

Which Mazak controls is MazaCAM suitable for?

The MazaCAM system can program and convert any type of Mazatrol controller or any type of Mazak machine.
MazaCAM DNC can also communicate with all Mazak machines and controls.
As standard, all Mazak machines with all Mazatrol controls, of every generation, are included in all MazaCAM packages.
MazaCAM supports the programming of the following Mazak controls:

  • T2, T3, T32, T-Plus, Fusion640T, Matrix-T, Smart-T, Smooth-C
  • M2, M3, M32, M-Plus, Fusion640M, Matrix-M (including Variaxis and VTC-800 machines), Smart-M, Smooth-G
  • Fusion640MT, Fusion640MT-Pro, Matrix-Integrex (all types, i / e / j, etc, Smooth-X
Does the MazaCAM Editor match my Mazak screen?

The MazaCAM Editor corresponds exactly to the programming interface that you know from your Mazak machines. The editor can be configured so that it exactly meets the requirements of your company.

Individual machines can be created in which separate tool data, user parameters, cutting data, etc. are stored.

The MazaCAM Editor corresponds exactly to your Mazatrol control on the respective Mazak machine and thus offers you a perfect Mazatrol programming station for the PC

What can MazaCAM convert?

MazaCAM can convert the entire range of Mazak controls and Mazatrol control generations.

  • MazaCAM converts Mazatrol programs from old Mazak controls to new ones. E.g. a T2 controller to a new Smart-T controller.
  • MazaCAM converts Mazatrol programs from new Mazak controls to old ones. e.g. a Matrix-M controller to an M32 controller.
  • MazaCAM converts up and down between the different Integrex families. E.g. an Integrex-j to an Integrex-MT
  • MazaCAM converts tornado processes to controllers that do not have this process unit. e.g. to an M-Plus control.
  • MazaCAM converts TPC data in your Mazatrol programs together with the program. So they are not lost during the conversion.
  • MazaCAM converts 3Digit-G code back to Mazatrol
  • MazaCAM converts other DNC formats
  • MazaCAM converts Mazatrol programs to DIN / ISO-G code for other CNC controls (with restrictions)
Can I really post Mazatrol with MazaCAM CAD CAM?

MazaCAM CAD / CAM allows you to program your parts in a complete CAD CAM system. After you have finished describing your tools, operations, and checked the toolpaths in Solid-Verify, you can output your program in the correct and real Mazatrol programming language; just as you are used to see and do from your Mazak machine. If machining operations or processes flow into the machining that are not supported by Mazatrol, these machining processes are output in the Mazatrol program as a manual process or EIA-sub program. That would be e.g. the case for engravings, trochoidal machining, 3D machining, etc.

What is MazaCAM CAD import?

The MazaCAM CAD import allows you to write Mazatrol programs in the MazaCAM editor, in the familiar Mazatrol environment, and load and use 2D and 3D CAD data to support you during programming. You start your Mazak program in the editor and only write machinig units and tool descriptions; then change to the MazaCAM CAD import window and import contours and points from your CAD file into your Mazatrol program. Of course, information such as diameter, coordinates, angle, etc. can also be read from this CAD data to support you in programming in the MazaCAM Editor.

Can MazaCAM program life tools and Integrex?

MazaCAM supports both the programming of Mazak lathes with life tools with C and Y axes, as well as the programming of Mazak Integrex machines, with and without a sub spindle.

The MazaCAM Editor has all the units and processes that are available on your Mazak machine. There are even some processes that can be programmed and used that are not available on your Mazak machines. E.g. Face milling and pocket milling in XC mode for lathes.
MazaCAM CAD / CAM can also program and simulate all these Mazak machine types.

Do I have to buy each Mazak control separately?

When you buy MazaCAM, all Mazak machines and Mazatrol controls on the market are already included. You buy the software once and thus cover the entire range of Mazak machines and controls.
No matter if you decide for

there are no additional costs if you buy additional Mazak machines.

Do I need additional software to work with MazaCAM?

You do not need any other software to use MazaCAM. All necessary components are already integrated. You only need to use a PC with a Windows operating system.

What data formats does MazaCAM CAD / CAM support?

With MazaCAM CAD CAM  as well as CAD-Import  can load the following CAD data formats.

  • DXF 2D
  • IGES 2D and 3D
  • STEP 2D and 3D
  • DWG as a option
Do I need regular updates or a maintenance contract?

It is not absolutely necessary to install regular updates.

In contrast to other CAD CAM systems, MazaCAM CAD CAM does not require annual manufacturer updates. This does not restrict work.

It is possible to conclude a maintenance contract, but it is not mandatory. The maintenance contract guarantees that your MazaCAM software is always up to date, as well as help with problems or errors with the software

Does MazaCAM also support G-Code / ISO programming?

MazaCAM CAD CAM can output Mazatrol programs as well as G-code programs.

Mazatrol programs are posted without postprocessors. In order to generate a DIN ISO output for another control type (Fanuc, Haas, Okuma, etc.), additional post processors for the respective control type must be purchased. G-code postprocessors for other machine manufacturers and output as a complete EIA code for Mazak are not part of the standard MazaCAM package. It is also, to a limited extent, possible to load existing G code programs into MazaCAM CAD CAM and to generate a Mazatrol program from them.
Is MazaCAM available as a demo version?

We offer you a free online demonstration of the MazaCAM software at any time. You can also request a temporary demo access from us. The MazaCAM demo gives you access to all functions of the software and enables you to carry out a detailed test.

What are the system requirements for MazaCAM on the PC?

PC type: Desktop PC or Notebook

Processor: i-5 or higher

RAM: min. 8GB

Graphics card: 1GB RAM-OpenGL-certified

Hard disk: approx. 5GB free hard disk space

Operating system: Windows 7; Windows 10 (use of Apple or MAC is not supported)