About Miheu

Throughout its existence, the company has grown and evolved to meet customers’ individual needs. Starting from a workshop for hardening, tempering and case hardening, it has developed into a heat treatment center with a large number of additional services. The company continues to grow while maintaining the flexibility and responsiveness of smaller systems.

In addition to our heat treatment offerings, CNC machining on high-performance milling centers is another line of business at Miheu. Advising the customer to find the right solution is the basic approach to a successful partnership.

Miheu about MazaCAM

“We are very happy with the MazaCAM software, as well as with the support. The program is very flexible considering that we have machines from the M32 controller to the SMOOTH controller. We use a programming program from STP files and also from DXF files. Converting between controls. Saving programs is very easy. Everything is in one database and very transparent”

MazaCAM Referenzkunde Miheu

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MazaCAM Referenzkunden Miheu

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