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Founded in 1945 by Engelbert Hinterleitner and his son Otto, the company was initially a 2-man / 1-woman business. The production was limited to teeth for hay rakes and later cable winches being manufactured on a small lathe in the front building. Later they started to procuce saws blades and pumps.

These finished products – distributed throughout Austria – formed the basis for the company’s rise to become a specialist company for mechanical engineering in single part and series production. Initially run as a sole proprietorship, the company became Hinterleitner GmbH in 1983. In the 3rd generation, Otto Hinterleitner jun. and Christian Hinterleitner became managing director of the family business.

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“We are very satisfied. Highly efficient product. Faster process flow on the machine (entry times are shortened enormously … because blank dimensions, cutting parameters, infeed depths and directions can be corrected quickly and easily in the program.) Perfect for us in contract manufacturing. Very competent service.”

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